Directly into professional success.

Organizations are constantly undergoing changes that generate new professional challenges for their employees. Even more so, in the case of managers whose careers must transform according to new environments. Often, these situations pose dilemmas and difficult issues to resolve that create disruptions between the professional and the organization and end with a disconnection between the parties (either by a decision of the company or by the manager). In these cases, the best tool that helps assist one in the process of disengagement is the individual Outplacement.

To face these future challenges it is also necessary to manage change, since the professional must consider that during the course of one’s career one will have to face continuous change of responsibilities, geographic and functional changes, stages in life with doubts and dilemmas.

Individual Outplacement will guide you in the reflection on your professional career to achieve:

  • Be the protagonist of the chosen professional project.
  • Address current and future change management.
  • Be aware of the areas of improvement and the potential for evolution.
  • Recognize personal priorities and their consequences on professional development.
  • Be able to communicate and "sell" your professional project.
  • Reach your goal (new job, self-employment, business creation, personal project ...).

The objective of this service is to support the person in this moment of professional transition, comprehending such as not only a search for a new job or the creation of a new business, but also as the definition of a professional project in coherence with one’s own motivations, interests, values and personal key competencies, reflecting on their true added value in the labor market.