Reactivating local employment

The economic crisis has not had a homogeneous repercussion on all the Spanish territory nor on all the sectors of activity. Many companies, before facing an unacceptable decrease in activity and results and as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, opt for re-industrialization programs to safeguard the professional future of their staff.

In GRI we have an expert team assembled not only for the search of partners but versed in the management of public subsidies to reactivate the economy of that specific environment through business projects compatible with the characteristics of the area and with the activity previously developed by these workers.


The objective of this service is to reorientate the business of companies affected by the crisis and and affected by such a notable decrease in their turnover that they are forced to interrupt the activity in a specific location, therefore minimizing the impact of this situation on the economy of a determined territory and on the professional careers of the former staff.