The productivity of a motivated team

The work environment is a determining factor for the motivation of staff and, therefore, for the productivity of the organization. At GRI, we develop comprehensive studies on labor climate to identify and correct conduct that is a source of conflict or practices that are inadequate for achieving the company's overall objectives at all levels.

Our analyzes take into account different variables that directly influence this general feeling about the work environment, such as the structure and work dynamics of the company itself, interpersonal and hierarchical relations or the management of Human Resources and even the physical environment itself where the activity takes place.


The aim is to determine the degree of worker satisfaction, to identify possible points of friction among the different organizational strata, to embed corrective measures for these hypothetical conflictive situations and to optimize the attitude of all the people responsible for decision making so that they achieve a balance between the strategic vision of the company and the personal and operational necessities of their team.