Professional solutions for workforce adjustments

It is frequent that a company at some point in its life needs to adapt its organizational structure to adjust it to the best fulfillment of its objectives; Modify the working conditions of certain posts to fit the functions, responsibility and effective characteristics of the positions; and even write off certain jobs.

Neither the adoption of these measures nor the subsequent steps should be planned without prior study and complete diagnosis of the situation, consequences and possibilities that exists in each case to minimize both the impact of the initiatives such as the social, labor and economic repercussions of those actions.

This prior analysis requires:

  • An initial phase of study and diagnosis of the specific problem, with visits to the facilities and interviews with the management staff (Management and / or Human Resources Manager of the Organization).
  • A second phase in which the proposal or proposals for the specific case are developed, presenting a report that compares the pros and cons of each of them and establishes a final conclusion for its subsequent approval.
  • A third phase, the application of the dismissal measure, drafting of the letter of communication, the delivery of such and explication to the concerned parties.
  • The final phase, the defense of business interests before the Courts and Tribunals of the social jurisdiction.

The objective of this service is that the company has at its disposal a professional and reliable opinion on the human resources that it needs to achieve its business objectives and the confidence of comprehensive support in the process of labor disengagement.