With the first signs of economic improvement, companies have eagerly retaken the processes of recruiting professionals to successfully develop new business opportunities, but from our experience we can ensure that not all profiles fit all types of organizations, even through the combination of required training and specified competencies.


Because each person and each company is unique, GRI has a team of expert consultants to develop customized processes for the selection of personnel and Headhunting of executives, managers and specialists in all sectors.

To ensure maximum satisfaction on both sides, we analyze both the culture of the client company (Employer) as well as the skills that the ideal candidate (Employee) should hold for the vacant position , so that both factors are aligned and generate the desired results.

  • BASIC SELECTION PROCESS: Directed towards medium profiles.
  • PLUS SELECTION PROCESS: For positions that require more specific and / or complex competencies.
  • HEADHUNTING PROCESS: In these projects the target profile is very specific and / or specialist in a very specific skill.

The purpose of this service is to help organizations identify and recruit the professionals that best fit their functional needs, their vision, mission and values as a company.