The starting point for the viability of your business

A company without customers is nothing. That is why it is vital to have commercial teams wellformed, motivated, experienced and able to detect and generate business opportunities.

Through benchmarking we identify the competitive situation of the sales department within an organization compared to the rest of the market in its specific sector, subsequently our experts will design strategies to promote:

  • Professionals committed to the company and highly prepared for sale
  • Implementation of a sales methodology adapted to the particularities of each organization and its objectives
  • Proactive work dynamics orientated towards client satisfaction
  • Ability to plan and organize work between different levels of commercial staff
  • Ability to work not in group but in a team efficiently and in coordinated fashion

The objective of this service is to provide the knowledge and precision tools that the professionals of the commercial department evolve into expert negotiators, achieving a “YES” in their visits, managing correctly the time and stress inherent in their activity , meanwhile, maintaining a perspective fully aligned with the objectives and values of the company.