Pioneers in the promotion of European funds in Spain

The European Globalization Adjustment Fund (EGF) was launched in 2006 to alleviate the negative effects of globalization on the economy and employment. Since its inception, GRI has been the pioneer company in promotion of initiatives of EGF projects all throughout the Spanish territory, participating in the first national project for the automotive sector in Castilla y León and Aragón. During this period GRI has promoted initiatives in the national territory, acting as a nexus between companies affected by restructuring processes, Public Administrations and actors involved in the development of employment promotion initiatives:

  • EGF/2011/020 Comunidad Valenciana footwear
  • EGF/2011/019 Galicia Metal
  • EGF/2011/006 Comunidad Valenciana Construction of buildings
  • EGF/2010/009 Comunidad Valenciana Textiles
  • EGF/2010/005 Comunidad Valenciana Natural Stone
  • EGF/2010/002 Cataluña automoción
  • EGF/2009/020 Castilla-La Mancha
  • EGF/2009/014 Comunidad Valenciana Ceramics
  • EGF/2008/005 Textile of Cataluña
  • EGF/2008/004 Motor of Castilla y Léon and Aragón

We provide "turnkey" services for the elaboration, execution and justification of EGF projects with the objective of, first of all, avoiding the entities that request these funds, all the administrative process associated with their concession and, if one opts for a broader arrangement, implement actions that will improve the employability and professional transition of those affected by mass collective redundancies in a determined sector and geographical location.