Companies have a credit for the training of their workers through the application of social security bonuses. The initiatives financed through this aid - called demand training - cover training actions of companies and individual training permits, and their aim is to respond to the specific training needs raised by companies and their workers.

The credit available to companies during the current financial year is calculated on the basis of two points of data: the amount contributed by the company for Vocational Training the previous year and the size of its workforce, which will determine the percentage of the valued amount to which the company is entitled to :

  • Companies from 1 to 9 workers: 100%.
  • From 10 to 49 workers: 75%.
  • From 50 to 249 workers: 60%.
  • Of 250 or more workers: 50%.

As an Organizing Entity Authorized by the Tripartite Foundation throughout the national territory, at GRI we manage the credit that companies have for training and we turn it into value and talent for organizations, optimizing the initial investment.


Our objective is to encourage and extend to the employed workers a training that responds to their needs and contributes to the training of the commitment and to the adaptation to the new reality of the markets, starting from the development and implementation of a Business Training Plan.