Leaders in reinserting professionals back into the labor market

According to the current labor framework, businesses that file a collective dismissal of more than 50 workers are obliged to accompany it with an External Outplacement Projects aimed at facilitating the re-employment of the affected workers. These programs can only be executed by Authorized Outplacement Companies approved by the competent Public Employment Services (either state or autonomous).

Precisely GRI is an Outplacement Company Authorized by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to operate throughout the national territory within “in-class attendance” and “distance” format through its Technology Platform (Authorization No. 9900000017).

Our extensive experience in these types of projects allows us to design programs tailored to the needs and expectations of each client, making available a wide range of Outplacement Projects designed to respond to each situation.


The objective of this service is to help companies comply with current legislation on collective redundancies and, if effectuated, to accompany the candidates in the process of reintegration back into the labor market.