Placement Agency and Authorized Outplacement Company No. 9900000017

The placement agencies are labor intermediation entities that collaborate with the Public Employment Service with the dual objective of:

  • Provide professionals with access to a job that is appropriate to their characteristics.
  • Provide companies with the most appropriate profiles to meet their needs.

At GRI we can boast of being pioneers in this field after receiving in 2011 the authorization by the Administration to act as a Private Placement Agency at the state level. It is also important to emphasize that our services:

  • Are free for anyone looking for work.
  • Respect the principles of equality and non-discrimination in access to employment, as well as those of privacy and dignity in the treatment of data.
  • Ensure adequacy between the profile of the candidate and the characteristics of the positions offered.

To achieve this ambitious challenge, we develop with our users a personalized itinerary of orientation and professional training and we intermediate in the processes of the selection of personnel.