Coaching is the process in which the person inquires about their personal competencies, their professional alternatives and their opportunities of activation in the labor market. Our certified coaches are experts in skills training, leadership development, productivity improvement, conflict resolution and human capital development.

Discoveries in neuroscience, ontology of language, maieutics, emotional management, appropriate management and resolution of conflicts, development of empathy and assertiveness, concerning relationships with other people in the environment, scales of inferences, and the management of the limiting beliefs ... in short, Coaching, helps as the company or professional to:

  • Develop leadership,
  • Increase the quality of communication and foster synergies,
  • Improve time management,
  • Strengthen teamwork,
  • Manage problems,
  • Develop human capital.

Regardless of whether the service focuses on executive coaching, team development or the organization as a whole, some common objectives for this type of action are: awareness of individual and group strengths and weaknesses for the establishment of solid foundations as professionals, as well as the development of leadership and strategic visions as to better exploit market opportunities.