The professional competencies of a person reflect the set of knowledge and skills acquired by work experience and non-formal training paths that allow him to carry out the professional activity according to the demands of production and employment.

The minimum aggregate of professional competencies susceptible of recognition and partial accreditation is the competency unit. A set of competency units form the professional qualification, base for a later orientation towards professional qualifications and / or certificates of professionalism.

The accreditation of competencies therefore allows:

  • One to obtain an official recognition with validity throughout the Spanish territory and with positive repercussion in the international scope.
  • Channel the candidate's career towards the achievement of a certificate of professionalism or a professional qualification.
  • To translate the experience into competencies that improve the employability of the interested person.

The objective of this service is to prepare candidates to obtain competency accreditation that will substantially improve the strength of their curriculum vitae and offer official backing to the private company.