Integrated Quality and Environment Policy

La dirección de GRI, desde su compromiso con la Calidad, el Medioambiente y la Mejora continua, ha definido esta Política Integrada de Calidad y Medioambiente como parte integrante de su estrategia empresarial:


Our mission focuses on working with individuals and organizations, facilitating their adaptation to the evolution of the labor market, society and under the premise of sustainability. We help companies grow and professionally develop workers, providing them with the necessary tools and skills to meet their needs and expectations.


To be a national company, in services orientated to provide solutions in human resources, training and placement, both for individuals and companies.

Our objective is to maintain our company in sustained and balanced growth over time, treating as a priority those aspects that produce impacts on the environment, in accordance with the needs of our public and private clients and the services we provide, maintaining a focus transparent to society and allies, seeking a sustainable balance between the needs of the people and collaborators that make up our organization, all of which we briefly summarize as "Shared Success".

  • Customer Orientation: We work to achieve the satisfaction of our internal and external clients, adapting our services to their needs, offering each one a personalized treatment and managing their expectations in order to help them achieve their goals.
  • Results Orientation: We work to achieve the objectives of our projects and the profitability for our clients.
  • People: We count on a team of people and collaborators proud to belong to the organization. A good working climate is a winning formula.
  • Honesty: Fundamental in the projects we develop, we believe and promote transparency as one of the primary means to achieve the best results in our collaborations.
  • Environmental Commitment: We continuously improve the management of our processes and activities to reduce significant impacts on the environment, ensuring legal compliance and other regulations that we adopt on a voluntary basis. In addition, we are committed to the sustainable use of resources through the application of our environmental plan in all our offices.
  • Innovation: We offer innovative solutions taking advantage of the creativity and talent of our team, which differentiates us from the competition.
  • Flexibility: We have the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of our stakeholders in a global, dynamic, changing and competitive environment.
  • Search for Excellence: We optimize our processes in order to offer better services every day. The satisfaction of our customers (internal and external) is our biggest source of pride.
  • Commitment to Society: We contribute to the development of individuals and companies by offering quality services combined with environmental responsibility while instilling value within people, their skills and their competencies.
  • Communication: We prepare our internal and external communication plan before starting each project and issue clear messages to ensure the success of our services.

GRI with the co-financing of the EUROPEAN UNION and the European Social Fund, is committed to youth employment: